PerfectPayRent Historical Rent Reporting Platform

PerfectPayRent already reports your new rental payments each month to the Bureaus, now its time to add up to 24 months of previous rental data to help boost your credit profile!

Start Historical Reporting

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You will need to provide your previous Landlord or Property Manager information (name, telephone number & email address). You will also upload a copy of any lease agreements covering the period any past rental history you would like to report

No. Experian does not currently participate. The good news is that Trans Union & Equifax will report rental payments as a Tier-1 Trade line

If we are unable to verify your rent with your property manager or they won’t cooperate we will provide a full refund of your enrollment.

You can also link your banking details to us, to show the rental payments from your bank account, it’s free and secure. Another option is to upload or send us rent ledgers or cleared checks showing timely rent payments.

We try to make this flexible and easy!

We cannot guarantee a specific score improvement or a specific time-frame because everyone’s credit situation is different & unique. Sometimes other credit factors or trade lines will impact the credit profile, so it’s important to maintain timely payments on other credit trade lines while we are reporting your rental payments.

Add Historical Rent Reporting for a one-time cost of $65

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Supported Credit Cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa
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