Launching in 2023

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PerfectPayRent is a rent payment app allowing landlords and tenants to reposition and create a stronger, stable, more relevant leasing partnership.

Leasing with PerfectPayRent means landlords are guaranteed that their rent is paid on time every month. Tenants have access to multiple solutions to help them with unexpected income loss or budgeting issues that may affect their ability to pay rent.

Renting with PerfectPayRent

If you are a landlord or tenant, discover why it is best to rent with the PerfectPayRent app. Solutions when you need them the most!

Rent Collection Cost

We collect the monthly rent payments at our cost

Security Deposit Guarantee

We guarantee lease security deposits for new qualified tenants, replacing their need for a cash deposit.

On-Time Rent Payment App

Under our PerfectPayRent lease co-guarantee, the landlord receives the monthly rent payment on the 4th day of the month, even if the tenants rent payments are late, delayed, or unpaid.

Renters Insurance

We pay the tenant’s Renters Insurance for the term of the tenant’s lease agreement.

Rent Loss

We pay up to 12 months rent payments even if the tenant is unable to pay.


PerfectPayRent provides tenants the solutions they need to manage life’s unexpected issues.

Become part of a stronger, more stable, and relevant leasing partnership between landlords, tenants, and PerfectPayRent

Security Deposit Guarantee

We guarantee a tenant’s rent and damage deposits to a landlord, so tenants do not need to pay cash deposits when renting a new home.

Involuntary Income Loss

If an eligible tenant loses their employment or contract, we pay the landlord up to three months of rent. Eligible, tenants will not have to pay this back.

Rent Deferral

If a tenant knows they are going to be late paying their rent, we will pay their rent payment on-time once a year, covering up to three weeks without late fees.

Renters Insurance

We will pay a renters insurance premium cost. Eligible, tenants will not have to pay this back.

Rent Advance

An eligible tenant can request an advance for one month’s rent once per year. As long as this is paid back within three months of our rent advance there are no fees or penalties.

Credit Building

We report tenant’s rent payments to selected credit bureaus as a trade line, allowing tenants to build their credit profile.

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