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Our pricing options help you get the most out of your reporting!

One-Time Enrollment Fee
All new members pay a one-time Enrollment Fee.
Monthly Reporting Fee
Our basic Monthly Reporting Plan includes ongoing rent reporting for your current rental address.
Smart Reporting Option
One-Time Historical Reporting Fee
Add the Historical Reporting package
for 2-years of past rent to create a “seasoned” trade line.

We Report your Rental Payments to Trans Union & Equifax

It's Time to Give Your
Credit A Boost!

With our Smart Reporting Option, you can add up to 24-Months of historical reporting in less than 30 days for just $65

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Enroll in Rent Reporting & start to building credit with major credit bureaus. It’s quick & easy!


Verifying your Rent Payments

Once we verify your rental history we upload your data to selected credit bureaus. Your rental payments will show as a trade line on your personal credit report within 30 days.


Report Past Rental Payments

Report your payments for the past 24 months. Creating a "seasoned" trade line on your credit report.
Keep your trade line “open” by reporting ongoing monthly rent .


Building your Credit Profile

Higher credit scores can open many new doors & provides huge financial benefits. Banks, Lenders, Auto Dealers, Insurance Companies, all base their interest rates & premiums on credit scores.

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Enroll Today, Build Credit Tomorrow

For only $6.95 per month* you can continue to build positive credit month after month

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*after a one-time $48 Enrollment Fee

Rock Your Rent!

Open the door to a higher credit score by having your monthly rent payments reported to your credit profile.
Our nationwide rent reporting platform reports directly to Trans Union & Equifax.


We Got You Covered!

Property Management Companies

We try & make this a painless process, & find most Property Managers are happy to participate in our program. However, if they are not supportive & will not provide the information required, we will cancel the program & provide a full refund.

Private Landlords

We can also report for Private Landlords, but you do need to link your bank details to us at enrollment. That verifies & provides the transparency of your monthly rental payments. You can link your banking details once you's free and secure!

Add "Smart Reporting" for best results

We strongly recommend reporting both your historical data along with ongoing rent payments. A seasoned & open trade line provides the biggest boost possible to your credit profile!

Adding A Spouse or Room Mate for Historical Reporting

Include your spouse or room mate for historical reporting for a discounted cost..

What our Customers Think

Great company to use in reporting rental payments. Customer service is awesome and someone is always available to answer any questions you have. Thanks for reporting my payments to reflect on my credit report. This gave my husband and I an opportunity to purchase a home.

Sonya & Kevin from Katy TX

We enjoyed using this service and helped us a lot to qualify for a mortgage. We finally bought our property and we are more than glad with the attention provided by the customer service. Also the price was affordable. I recommend this service if you want to improve your credit and get ready to buy a home. A friend recommended this service to us too. I hope more people use it and Achieve their Dreams.

Monica O from Raleigh NC

My fico score went from zero to 678 in 4 months. It is not an instant rise. It does take time. So make sure you start before you need the score. The people I spoke with were very friendly and answered all of my questions.

Amanda K from Bellevue NE

After 2 years of trying aggressively to improve my score, it barely moved at all. Three months with Rock the Score and it has moved me from 'fair' to 'good'... 'Excellent' here I come!

Christy from Maryland

Great Idea & Company! Hannah is a pleasure to work with & always goes above & beyond to get the job done. After doing the past 24 months of payments my scores increased by 80 points, just after 1 month!

Marcus F from Las Vegas NV

Hannah is the absolute best. I didn't feel like I was speaking with a customer service representative, I felt like I was conversing with an old friend! Truly a breath of fresh air in a world polluted by poor attitudes and foul dispositions. I highly recommend Rock The Score to anyone looking to gain rental credit we all deserve.

Noelle T, from Los Angeles CA

I'm a mortgage loan officer that about a month ago referred my client to Rock the Score. He had no credit scores to qualify for a VA Loan. His rent history was perfect over the last 2 years. It was a seamless process to sign up, and 4 weeks later his credit scores appeared, and qualified for a 2.75% VA loan. He is closing on a new home in 2 weeks time. Thanks Rock the Score for performing as advertised!

Jobie - Mortgage Loan Officer

I, like so many that have been hit by hard times and are "Career Renters", that have finally had enough of lining the pockets of your Landlord/Property Management Company without missing a beat on your timely rent payments can rest knowing that Rock the Score will do exactly what it claims to do. The process is fairly simple and painless. Sure you gotta pay a few extra dollars but the end game will result with an increased credit score, in-turn that will open the door to home ownership or that new car! Then there's Hannah, a real human being (NOT an A.I.) who will spare no time to answer all your questions and concerns all the while sprinkling her brilliant expertise and kindness to put your mind at ease of what to expect and not to expect from Rock the Score! thank you so much,

Mike G, from Canton GA

This is an Awesome program that has help Me take my score from 594 to 700 plus in under a year. I love and highly recommend this program to anybody that is trying to improve their score!!!

Javon K from St Louis MO

Partnering with Rock The Score has been extremely beneficial for the members of the Home In Monroe Program. Peter and his staff have been more than accommodating by providing a personalized website and customized video for our participants. Our Customer Service Representative, Hannah has provided reliable and transparent assistance to myself and program participants. The Rock The Score team has gone above and beyond to support our Home in Monroe Participants as they work towards purchasing their first home! I recommend any Public or Non-Profit entity working with Low/Mod Income families to utilize their services!

Taylor S - Project Coordinator, Home in Monroe Program

You all are amazing by the way! I have definitely recommended you all to friends and family !

Jhayda S - Rose Hill NC

I used Rock The Score it raised my Trans Union score 69 points and Equifax score 60 points. Thank you Hannah for exceptional customer service you went above and beyond.

Dylan C - Grand Rapids MI

I recommend their services to anyone who comes across the path of Rock The Score. What they do and the services they provide is something that is very much needed. I have not come across any other company that does what they do. I am glad to have come across their services. I am in great anticipation of their exceptional services. Thanks Hannah!

Tami S from Stockton CA

GREAT personal service. This service has helped not only my credit scores, but how my credit reports look. Personal, US service that speaks / writes clearly!!

Todd O from St Petersburg FL

The amazing Rock the Score made it possible for my 1st time home buyers to buy their DREAM HOME! Using rent toward building the credit score, made all the difference in the world. They took care of my clients and gained a professional partner in the Real Estate business!! Don't Pause...Call them NOW! No one else can do this service for your clients!! Thank You! I'm a Big Fan!!

De Lynn Realtor from St Louis

Great company and very fast acting. Hannah and the team are very personable and will do all they can to assist you. It’s a real company and not a call center that makes you feel like just another number. Don’t hesitate to work with them! You won’t regret it!

Daniel A from Beaufort, South Carolina

This program has dramatically helped our credit scores In a short time! My husband's scores have increased 32 points in just 12 days., This Program has been wonderful in achieving our new home dreams. Thank You!

Angela and Nathan H from St Louis MO

I am excited to have been able to work with Rock the Score! Hannah is wonderful to work with, and the consistency of updating me on my scores was truly AMAZING! I highly recommend this program!

Karolyn J from Sanford NC

With the help of Rock the Score, I was able to increase my credit score over 30 points. After a year of hard work to pay off old bills and student loans, I needed the extra push from rent reporting to get me up to where I needed to be. Great service for those of us that rent. Thanks, Tom and your Team!

Leslie T from St Louis MO

Rock the Score and the rent reporting program has dramatically helped our credit scores In a very short period of time! My husbands scores have increased 32 points in just 12 days! Rock The Score has been wonderful in achieving our new home dreams.

Angela from Missouri

Being a professional in the credit repair industry and owner of The Credit Care Company for the last 8 years. Rock the score is best credit builder and score booster I have seen, by far!! If you need to quickly raise your credit score quickly to get approved for a home loan this is your ticket! I recommend it to all my client as the fastest and most affordable way to raise scores 30 to 50 points. These guys report to Equifax and Trans Union no other company that does rent reporting can claim that, period! Call them today to Rock your Score!!!

John B - Credit Repair Professional

I cannot tell you how much we appreciated working with Peter at Rock The Score. He is a consummate professional - cool, collected, who truly knows his stuff. My husband and I found Peter and "Rock The Score" through a mutual friend and we could not be happier with how he worked with us and help elevate our credit scores!

Paula M - Chesterfield MO


Will this impact how I pay my rent?

No. You will continue to pay your rent to your Property Management Company or Landlord in exactly the same way that you currently do. Nothing changes!

How will my rent payments be verified?

You provide us with basic information on your landlord or property manager when you enroll. We contact them and verify your rent payments to build the credit you deserve from your timely rent payments. There is no fee to your landlord or property manager to verify your rent.

What if my landlord won't verify the payments?

If we are unable to verify your rent with your property manager you won’t pay a penny! You can also upload or send us rent ledgers or cancelled checks show timely rent payments. We try to make this flexible and easy!

I pay rent to a private landlord...can I still use this program?

Yes, but we do need any additional step. After you enroll in the program you will be asked to link your banking details. It's free and secure, but for private landlords this is mandatory! We are required to view & verify the rental payments on your banking details before we can report to the credit bureaus. If you pay rent in any other way (like cash), we cannot report your rental payments.

How much will my credit score increase?

We cannot guarantee a specific score improvement or a specific time-frame because everyone’s credit situation is different & unique. Sometimes other credit and factors will impact the credit profile, so it’s important to maintain timely payments on other credit trade lines while we are reporting your rent.

Will my rental payments be reported to all three bureaus?

No. Experian does not participate currently with Rent Reporting. The good news is that Trans Union & Equifax will report as a Tier-1 Trade lIne

Will I need to provide a lease or rental agreement?

Yes, the credit bureaus do require a document between you & your landlord. This will establish the date, the rental payments started, the frequency of payments, & amount due. We find that most tenant/landlord relationships already have a written agreement. However, if you do not have a copy of this lease, you need to contact your landlord & establish one before we can report your rental payments.


Can I just report historical rent history?

Yes, we actually have a program just for that! It’s a one-time cost, with no monthly reporting. We report up to 24-months of historical rent payments & show that on your credit report in about 30 days.

Can I add my spouse?

Rent Reporting is just like any other trade line on your credit report. It’s based on your unique information, your social security number and date of birth etc. So, we cannot provide a “joint” account, but we can add your Spouse at a discounted cost.

What happens if I pay my rent payment late?

All credit including rent payments are only considered late by the credit reporting agencies (CRA) if the payment is received more than 30-days past the due date. As long as you pay your rent within 30-days of your due date, it will be counted as an "on time" payment on your credit report. Remember to pay all your bills (including rent) on time, it’s very important!

Is Rock The Score a credit repair company?

No, we are not a credit repair service. We can refer you to a company for assistance. Simply contact us for additional information.

How will my rent payments report on my credit report?

It will show as an "open rental agreement" account on your credit report

What should I look for?

We will report your rent payments (& historical payments, if you opt for that program) on your credit report and it will show as “RTSMGMT”

Why credit cards can be good for my credit scores?

The Credit Reporting Agencies like to see a good "mix" of credit & having one or two credit cards can often help improve your credit score. We have some secured credit cards on our website under the "Resources" tab...check it out!