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Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast with Frank Garay

Check out this episode of Mortgage Loan Officer Podcast with Frank Garay.

We learn from Rock the Score owners, Peter Wright & Tom Beck, how they help low, or no FICO buyers get their rental payments included on to the Credit Bureaus.

This impacts credit profiles & credit scores & is even recognized by automated underwriting systems (AUS).

Scotsman Guide

How Rent Reporting can benefit business development for Property Managers

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The Business Journals

Arch Grants Class of 2021

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Arch Grants Awards 2021

Rock The of 2021 Arch Grants Awards.


American Dream TV

Featured: Peter Wright, CEO Rock The Score
& Brian Sohn REALTOR

Real Producers Magazine Front

St. Louis Real Producers Magazine

David Lykken

David Lykken – Lykken on Lending

Featured Guests: Peter Wright & Tom Beck
of Rock The Score


Credit Education Videos

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much faster just using your
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When is a late payment actually "late"

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How To Raise Your Credit Scores...Fast!

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Set To Cripple a Generation?

Fox News

Why Are My Credit Scores so Different???

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