Welcome Keyes Property Management clients!

At Keyes Property Management, we understand that many tenants have plans for their futures.

Having good credit can mean the difference between becoming a homeowner or remaining a tenant.  It is important to us at Keyes Property Management that we offer our tenants a way to utilize their on-time rental payments to build credit.

Don’t let on-time payments go to waste!

Keyes Property Management is pleased to provide a partnership with Rock The Score, so you can Rock Your Credit Score!

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Getting Started

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Enroll Today!

Start reporting your positive rent payments to credit bureau(s) Enrolling is quick & easy. Start today!


Verify Rent Payments!

Simply upload your Lease and Photo ID. We verify your payment history & report ongoing rental payments to immediately improve your credit profile.


Establish Trade Line!

Your on-time rent payments are reported to selected credit bureaus each month. Most renters add their rental history for the previous 24 months ($65 one-time fee) for the greatest impact to their credit profile.


Changing Lives!

Improved credit & higher scores will open many new doors & can provide a huge financial benefit. Banks, Lenders, Auto Dealers, Insurance Companies, & many other entities base their interest rates or premiums on your credit profile. Did you know...80% of employers now review credit in the hiring process! Great Credit Matters!

How It Works

Rent Reporting For Keyes Property Management

What is Rent Reporting?


Our Rock Solid Promise!

100% Refund Guarantee

We try & make this a painless process, & find most Landlords or Property Managers are happy to participate in our program. However, if they are not supportive & will not provide the information required, you don’t pay a penny. We will cancel the program & provide a full refund.

Add "Smart Reporting Option" for best results

Add History For Best Results

We strongly recommend reporting both your historical data along with ongoing rent payments. A seasoned & open trade line provides the biggest boost possible to your credit profile!

Do You Have Multiple Landlords?

No Problem!

We can report for multiple Property Management Companies or Landlords covering the past 24-months. Adding Historical Rent Reporting provides a tier-1 seasoned trade line providing the biggest boost to your credit profile.

We Report Your Rent Payments To Trans Union & Equifax!


Will this impact how I pay my rent?

No. You will continue to pay your rent to your Property Management Company or Landlord in exactly the same way that you currently do. Nothing changes!

How will my rent payments be verified?

You provide us with basic information on your landlord or property manager when you enroll. We contact them and verify your rent payments to build the credit you deserve from your timely rent payments. There is no cost or fee to your landlord or property manager to verify your rent.

What if my Landlord won't Verify My Rent Payments?

If we are unable to verify your rent with your landlord or property manager you won’t pay a penny! You can also upload or send us rent ledgers or cancelled checks show timely rent payments. We try to make this flexible and easy!

How much will my Credit Score increase?

We cannot guarantee a specific score improvement or a specific time-frame because everyone’s credit situation is different & unique. Sometimes other credit and factors will impact the credit profile, so it’s important to maintain timely payments on other credit trade lines while we are reporting your rent.

Will my Rental Payments be reported to all three Bureaus

No. Experian does not currently participate in Rent Reporting. The good news is that Trans Union and Equifax will report your rental payments as a Teir-1 Trade Line.

Will I need to provide a Rental Agreement or Lease?

Yes, The credit bureaus do require a document between you & your landlord. This will establish the date the rental payments started, the frequency of payments, & amount due. We find that most tenant/landlord relationships already have a written agreement. However, if you do not have a copy of this lease, you need to contact your landlord & establish one before we can report your rental payments.

Can I add my Spouse?

Rent Reporting is just like any other trade line on your credit report. It’s based on your unique information, your social security number and date of birth etc. So, we cannot provide a “joint” account, but we can add your Spouse at a discounted cost.

What happens if I pay my rent payment late?

All credit including rent payments are only considered late by the credit reporting agencies (CRA) if the payment is received more than 30-days past the due date. As long as you pay your rent within 30-days of your due date, it will be counted as an "on time" payment on your credit report. Remember to pay all your bills (including rent) on time, it’s very important!

Is Rock The Score a Credit Repair Company?

No, we are not a credit repair service. We can refer you to a company for assistance. Simply contact us for additional information.

How will my rental Trade Line appear on my Credit Report?

It will show as an "open rental agreement" account on your credit report and will show as RTS MGMT