Rent Payment Guarantee Program

Protect Your Property…
Secure Your Rental Income

Benefits of the Rent Payment Guarantee Program

Rental Income Guarantee

If your tenant(s) can’t make their payments, get rental payment coverage for up to 1 year, or $60,000 per lease.

Includes non-payment & partial payment coverage

Malicious Damage Protection

Get coverage for up to $10,000 of protection against malicious damages or vandalism done by tenants.

Legal Costs & Eviction Fees

Up to $1,500 in assistance with legal fees in the event you need to evict a tenant.

Rent Reporting

Report all tenants to the credit bureaus. Providing a value-added service, reducing late payments.

Program Options for Property Managers

Frequently Asked Questions

Guaranteed Rental income for up to 12-months or $60,000 per lease
Malicious damage protection up to $10,000
Up to $1,500 reimbursement of eviction legal fees
Rent Reporting Platform – all tenants rental payments reported to the credit bureaus

The cost of the Bond Coverage is 4.5% of the annual rent amount.
For example, on a $1,000 per month rent payment, the premium would be $540 per year.

This can also be paid monthly.

No cost to the Property Manager or Tenant, when utilizing The Rent Payment Guarantee Program.

Rent Reporting will be set up for each of your tenants and reported monthly to the Credit Bureaus.This creates transparency of payments, provides a value-added benefit for your tenants & will help reduce late or missed payments.

No, Experian does not currently report Rental Data.

The good news is TransUnion and Equifax will report the monthly payments as a Tier-1 trade line. The payments will impact the tenants credit score & credit profile. So this program encourages on-time payments from your tenants.

If the tenant misses a payment or only makes a partial payment the program will pay the missed rental payment within 25 days of Notice of Default.  It will also pay subsequent missed payments after an eviction filing.

Yes, you can enroll new and mid-lease tenants.

Contact: & we can help with the on-boarding process.

Offer this additional program to your tenants.

They can purchase this coverage for a low cost & it covers them for involuntary job loss.

The coverage is up to $3,000 per month & covers up to 3-months in missed rent payments.

Contact us: for additional information.

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